Audience Discovery for 

Data-Driven Marketers.

Increase conversions, personalize messaging, and drive growth with interest-based audiences.

What Can You Do With Spree?

 1  Reach the right customers by discovering the best interest-based audiences

Search for any broad topic to discover the interest-based audiences who are most likely to engage and convert.
2  Drive growth with new, hyper-relevant audiences
Discover new, less trivial audiences predicted by Spree and include them in your campaigns. Stop talking to the same people over and over again!
3  Win customers' love 
with a personalized message
Turn our data into engaging messages. Address your customers' areas of interest in your message to win their love and attention.



114M people

13M people


40M people

"World record"
5.8M people

Search keyword: "Cyclists"

Spree's engine identifies, ranks and recommends interest-based audiences who are most likely to be interested in products or content around the search term "Cyclists".

Customer testimonials

Drive growth with our uniquely-identified audiences.

Searching topic: "Global warming"

Valuable interest-based audiences for example:


"Flowering plant"

12M people

95M people



2.5M people

7.5M people

"Water scarcity"

3M people

Searching topic: "Car race"

Valuable interest-based audiences for example:



4M people

10M people

"Wheel base"


3M people

31M people

"V8 engine"

27M people

Searching topic: "Headspace"

Valuable interest-based audiences for example:

"Alarm clock"

"Activity tracker"

13M people

18M people


"Life hacking"


8M people


11M people

Roee, Zirra,
Growth Hacker

Spree has allowed us to discover the top converting audiences for every article we wanted to promote.

We love our customers. 

Dan, Contentisimo

Spree's data provides an in-depth analysis of the audiences you should be reaching out to, which can significantly improve your performance. Their recommendations are very clear and can be easily incorporated into your digital marketing strategy.

Natalie, Realextate Marketing Manager

Leveraging Spree's data, our campaigns are doing so well - much better than the original ones.


Here's how it works.

 1  Seamlessly search for audience "interests" related to any topic.
Use the search bar to explore any broad topic and discover interest-based audiences who are most likely to engage, sign-up or buy.
 2  Discover the most valuable interest-based audiences in seconds.
Browse the interests by audience size and affinity score. Quickly assess the relevance of interests you're less familiar with. 
 3  Cherrypick the best suggestions for you.
To reach the right audiences, insert your selected audiences into your marketing campaigns under "Detailed Targeting", or use our Facebook integration.

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