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for the Enterprise

Spree leverages predictive and Artificial Intelligence so you can get rid of prescriptive audience data, cookie-cutter messaging, and any other type of guesswork you're doing today.

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Running 0.32

Usain Bolt 0.72

Extreme sports travel insurance

Steph Curry 0.67

SBNation 0.69

Discover interest and emotion based communities

Nike marathon 0.86

Outdoor recreation 0.85

Venice beach 0.65

Bill Simmons 0.68

Spree automatically analyzes your product, content, and ecosystem to derive valuable insights for your marketing and content strategy. Understand, relate to, and motivate consumers through their interests, affinities and emotions.

Wimbledon 0.92

Mountain Bike 0.91



Unlock new, highly valuable customers

Spree identifies undiscovered, valuable customers for any product, content or message. Our proprietary algorithms employ Artificial Intelligence and Natural Language Processing to extract hidden signals from millions of relevant data points across the web. 

New audiences

Emotional elements

Visual components

Topic selection

Product features



Deliver key messaging that will resonate with different customers

Spree helps you deliver customized messaging for your customers, and identify the precise linguistic elements and emotions that make different audiences engage. 


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"Spree's data analytics platform has allowed us to discover and engage with highly valuable customers we never knew existed"

"Spree's technology has been an incredible force in pinpointing the relevant customers we must engage with"

Roee Oren, Head of Marketing 


Maya Friedman, CEO


Trusted by companies worldwide

Data Pipeline

Spree indexes and categorizes millions of data points, serving up only those items truly relevant to you. Built on top of a cloud-based infrastructure, Spree's proprietary text processing algorithms improve audience insight and maximize marketing data performance

Under The Hood

Spree ingests the ideas and opinions expressed in unstructured written language to find patterns and commonalities across a million data sources

Spree continuously scans, collects and stores complex data sets of data from over plethora of online databases, social networks, news, blogs, and other public data sources that are relevant to our customers

Complex Data Sets

The Spree platform leverages a robust, cutting edge infrastructure and runs on technology that delivers powerful results

Natural Language